Videos of the Nice declaration

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We are now back from Nice with lots of news on the outcomes and information on the next steps on a road to COP21:

  1. Videos of the Nice declaration : we have now two versions of the signature ceremony : the initial one (13 minutes long) and a new short one ( of only 2 minutes with ANS President, Mikey Brady Raap’s voice. This short format may be easier to use to be shown on events and used on social networks.
  2. Thank you for your communication efforts!  Sophie has listed now 39 internet links all over the world on the declaration.  The complete list is available below. Please continue to send Sophie any other link that you publish or find on the internet.
  3. 30 video interviews are now available to use : one from James Hansen, but also from many of the signatories who were in Nice! All are available on the Nuclear4climate youtube channel and are ready to be used in your communications on
  4. We are now a collective of 40 nuclear societies who have signed the declaration, as the Indian Nuclear Society has now joined us! Please find attached the update list of all nuclear societies that have signed the document.
  5. Be a spokesperson for nuclear4climate!  there is now a slideset available for you to use and include in your presentations:
  6. A new Nuclear4Climate declaration, this time from European young generation networks!   This will take place at the end of the June at ENYGF in Paris.  Please do not hesitate to encourage your young generation network to participate so we show how dynamic our young generation teams are.


As we are making progress, we will continue to send this newsletter on a regular basis. Please contact us if you have any questions about the initiative, how you can participate to international initiatives, how you may leverage the tools to design your own communication program, and/or if you want some people in your organization to be added to your distribution list.


A separate e-mail will be sent to all representatives of the young generation nuclear associations,


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Simposio Internacional Sobre Educación, Capacitación y Gestión del Conocimiento en Energía Nuclear y sus Aplicaciones [Cusco, Perú. 22-26 Nov. 2015]

Simposio en Cusco, Perú

Para más información visitar la liga del Evento: Enlace al Evento


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